Wonder Women

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Wonder Women is a newly formed interest group that is for women who are interested in exploring and understanding women’s roles in multiple settings such as the home, the workplace and in school and how gender dynamics in today’s society affect women both positively and negatively. Through a Happy Hour format, this group hopes to provide a springboard for friendships, support and camaraderie in a safe, inclusive forum for discussing various gender-related issues, problems, and perspectives that we have experienced or encountered in our lives. Topics will be flexible to the group’s interest but some we hope to cover include women and leadership, raising empowered girls, understanding gender stereotypes, and balancing work and family.

We hope women will join us who enjoy sharing stories (or just listening) and who would like to bounce ideas and strategies off of each other. We encourage lively, fun discussion. The group will meet at 6:30 on the Third Thursday of each month. The first meeting will be September 21, 2017. Locations will vary month to month and will depend on the number in the group.

Facilitators: Jil Howard, Pam Edens (tamuwonderwomen@gmail.com) and Carol Goldsmith