Shanghai Rummy Cards

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Shanghai Rummy Cards is a new interest group.
Join us for a fun afternoon once a month on the second Monday afternoons from 1-4. We will host the first couple meetings at the Indian Lakes Preserve. If this works out we will try to continue to use this location. If more members prefer to host in their own homes we will consider this option as well. We will work out all these details after the Meet and Greet on the 10th. Our first meeting is September 25th, this is only a practice session. After that date we will meet the second Monday. This is a fun game for 3-4 players per table and no experience
is required! It’s played with dimes, $2 for incidentals, $.70 for the games, which there are 7 rounds and you will need 2-3 additional dimes per round. Each round has a little different variation with books and runs. There are prizes at the end of the game! It’s not hard to learn, we’ll play a practice hand the first meeting. Once we know who is interested a PDF of the rules of the game will be emailed to everyone who signs up. Look forward to fun afternoon and very little preparation by the hostess is needed!

Facilitators: Terri Pourahmadi (