Arts and Culture

The Fine Arts are alive and well in Bryan, College Station and throughout the great state of Texas. From professional to amateur level there are many excellent theatre groups, musical companies, orchestras, chamber groups, museums, galleries, artists and craftsmen. If any of these interest you, then you need to join our Arts & Culture group. One of the Women’s Club’s oldest interest groups, it was created to foster in its members an appreciation for and understanding of the fine arts by attending and supporting many artistic endeavors locally and out of town. For the 2018-2019 year we have developed a varied program with hands-on workshops and tours to galleries, International Ocean Discovery Program, St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Monastery and much more.

Please check out our brochure Arts & Culture 2018-2019 Events Description.

Get together dates and times vary, we have lots of weekend and evening events!

Dues for members $5.

You are welcome to bring a friend to our meetings!

Chair: Anna Stepanova (979)-571-7017
Secretary: Kay Barboza
Treasurer: Bea Uvacek